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A narrative strategy based on the balanced and unique mixture of adventure, action and investigation in a great RPG adventure with original medieval music. Quests in twenty levels of mysterious blend of action and story.

The heavy clouds on the horizon gather as there are troubled times to come. The kingdom of a wise king is in danger. Legions of unearthly adversaries come from the unknown to spread the plague and disease across the ancient kingdom. The king calls his faithful to cut the evil by its throat and rip out the roots of the plots. Hear the calling of the king and enter the world where wizards and sorcerers poses arcane knowledge, noble kings and warriors are brave...

Your investigation and actions will take you through many adventurous quests in deep forests, hot deserts and frozen icebergs. You and your party will look for the clues to solve the mystery in ancient monasteries, countryside villages and blood bathed battlefields. You will encounter many adventures with strong and fierce barbarians in cold northern mountains, you will fight the monsters, ghosts and villains to stop the abomination of the ancient kingdoms and to free the lands of Styrateg of evil.

Adventure awaits those who hear the calling. Lost treasures waits to be found.

Main features:
- many adventures in 20 unique levels in the main scenario
- new original levels created by players
- strategy and RPG mixed gameplay with more than 60 quests
- different player characters and many special skills and spells for your units
- tons of magical items
- over 40 kinds of enemies
- colorful hand drawn graphics with strong fantasy atmosphere
- original music score performed by two bands specializing to historical music
- level editor


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Évaluations:7 (Users47)
Classé dans Jeux de stratégie :6
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License :Essai gratuit
Taille du fichier :12.70 MB
Version :1.05
Dernière mise à jour :15/2/2008
Les Systèmes d'Exploitation Pris en Charge : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000
Langues : Anglais
Développeur :Rake in Grass
Le nombre total de téléchargements (français) :13
Le nombre total de téléchargements (Dans le monde entier) :1,532

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